Welcome to ArmorBlue.
Making you look good
is what drives us.

Always thinking of new ways to be remarkable for you so you can be remarkable for your customers

ArmorBlue is a non-traditional marketing consultancy using strategic insight, brilliant creative work, dependable execution and a passion for helping you reach your business goals. Making you look good is what drives us.

Our primary focus is enhancing your customer’s experience. Together, we imagine, create and bring to life engaging experiences focused on your customers with stellar marketing campaigns, digital branding experiences, mobile interactions, executive communications, and live events.

Making you look good is what drives us

We typically do more than asked to deliver winning work to give you a greater competitive advantage.

Looking at the whole picture

We take an integrated approach to digital, live or hybrid experiences by creating solutions with consistent messages and look and feel that speak to your customer’s needs.

Focused on enhancing your customer’s experience

Whether you need to develop a small sales enablement program, a landing page, an entire marketing campaign or a major event, everything ties in.

We always deliver

Always thinking of new ways to be remarkable for you so you can be remarkable for your customers.

Experiences we deliver

Who we are

Our customers describe us as “rock stars” and “uber creative”. We are fun, smart and creative freethinkers who are focused on delivering quality work that will NEVER be described as boring or just OK.

ArmorBlue builds your brand, increases sales and achieves success through a truly integrated approach to live and digital experiences. We are committed to the pursuit of constant innovation and are always thinking of new ways to be remarkable for our clients so you can be remarkable for your customers.

Ultimately, we make our partners look good – that’s why they keep coming back.

Lisa Harmon

Lisa Harmon has over 20 years of marketing experience and brings a unique ability to connect big ideas with excellent planning skills to deliver actionable and effective integrated marketing programs and campaigns. As an ArmorBlue principal, she is passionate about the customer and is dedicated to help companies see their business through the eyes of their customers. Lisa holds a B.A. in Management from St. Mary’s College, California and hails from companies including AMD, Tyco Electronics and Brocade.

Angela Wo

Angela Wo has over 20 years of experience in the high tech industry, Angela has worked as a marketing director and strategist for consumer and business-to-business companies such as Compaq, Diamond Multimedia, HP, and Brocade. As an ArmorBlue Principal, Angela is passionate about helping companies understand their customers, develop their marketing strategy and deliver innovative programs and experiences that deepen customer satisfaction and business value. Angela graduated from New York University with a B.S. in Marketing and Management.

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